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slash storage costs

100% activation
0% waste
100% freedom

stop wasting dollars on unneccessary storage


use factories for storage and save!

Your marketing budget is very precious. Don’t waste it on storage!

ouvar® allows you to by-pass 3PL storage and store your items at the point of manufacture.

With ouvar® inventory management, see your stock on hand, wherever it is. Then, order items via your ouvar® marketing catalogue for delivery direct to retail or local sheds – a seamless process with savings.

It’s so easy to save money with ouvar®.

better forecasting

With ouvar® you have access to historical order and activation data. You’ll see which retailers activate and which don’t. Next time you purchase POS items from a supplier, you can refine the manufacture order quantity and avoid wastage, which means less storage costs.

power to negotiate

If your company uses an external Storage Provider, your Reps are probably ordering their POS using your Storage Provider’s online ordering facility. This makes it difficult for your company to use another, cheaper storage provider, as it would be inconvenient for your Reps to be using multiple online ordering facilities.

ouvar®’s marketing catalogue is your own online POS ordering facility. Now your reps order from your own platform and you have the freedom to store your POS with anyone, anywhere.

For your next POS shipment, source best price from the wider market and negotiate!

You are no longer locked into one Storage Provider.
pre-order tool
pre-order coming soon

With ouvar® PRE-ORDER, your Reps can express interest in, and pre-order a POS item for a retailer. From here, your Brand team have a more accurate order quantity, eliminating waste and reducing storage costs.

want to slash storage costs?

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